Wowza ClearCaster system requirements

Wowza ClearCaster™ is pre-configured by default to send a live stream to your Facebook Timeline. You can connect an SDI or HDMI camera to ClearCaster and post live video to your Facebook page to share with your viewers in minutes.

To get up-and-running, you'll need the following:

  • Wowza and Facebook accounts
  • An Internet connection
  • Wowza ClearCaster device for Facebook Live video streaming
  • SDI or HDMI video source
  • (Optional) HDMI monitor for broadcast Talent View and countdown clock

Be sure that your firewall will allow traffic to flow through the following TCP ports:

  • 443 – enables ClearCaster to Facebook Live video delivery
  • 801884 – enables messaging to support device registration, licensing, and other functionality

Wowza ClearCaster will encode and deliver a full HD (1080p) H.264 video/AAC audio live stream and intelligently adjust the stream as network conditions change to help ensure that your stream is always available on your Facebook page with the highest possible quality.

See the full Wowza ClearCaster technical specification in the Wowza ClearCaster Datasheet.

Connecting Wowza ClearCaster

A. Power
B. HDMI outputs
C. Ethernet 1
D. SDI input
E. HDMI input
F. USB ports

To connect your equipment

  1. Review the Wowza ClearCaster safety information.
  2. Connect the power cord from the connector (A) to a power source.
  3. Optional (but recommended): Connect an external Talent View monitor to the HDMI output port (B).
  4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet 1 port (C).
    Important: Do not connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet 2 port. This Ethernet port is non-functional.
  5. Connect an SDI/HDMI-capable video source to the SDI input port (D) or the HDMI input port (E).

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