Fix common problems with .stream files

Many text editors will append a .txt file name extension to the file name. This will result in an error message similar to the following:

SDP file missing: c:/program files/wowza media systems/wowza streaming engine [version]/content/

To fix this, go to the [install-dir]/content folder and remove the .txt file name extension from the file.

The file contains the address of the incoming UDP stream that carries the MPEG-TS packets. Most of the time, it's sufficient to set this address to:

Where [port] is the port number to which the stream is being published.

The IP address ( instructs the Wowza Streaming Engine server to listen on all local IP addresses for the incoming stream. Sometimes this won't work properly if the computer has multiple network interfaces. If this happens, it's best to specify the internal IP address of the stream. For example, to listen to the local loopback interface, you might specify:

Or you might specify the computer's internal NAT address: