Publish securely from an RTMP encoder that does not support authentication with a Wowza Streaming Engine Java module

This article describes how to use the ModuleSecureURLParams module as an alternative to the ModuleRTMPAuthenticate module in Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software if your encoder does not support username/password authentication.

  • The modules described in this article are built-in with Wowza Streaming Engine.
  • You can't use ModuleSecureURLParams and ModuleRTMPAuthenticate at the same time.
  1. In the Application.xml file for your application, add the following <Module> definition as the last entry in the <Modules> container element:

  2. To protect publishing, add the following property to the application-level properties (<Application>/<Properties>) at the bottom of the Application.xml file (be sure to get the correct <Properties> container element—there are several in the file).

    Now you must use an RTMP connection in your encoder. For example:


    or for RTMP encoders that use a single string for connections:


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