Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Video

Wowza Streaming Engine is an industry-leading solution for streaming processing with a proven reputation for reliability when complexity arises. Customers expecting viewership growth and increasingly complicated streaming scenarios can take advantage of a more robust Wowza Streaming Engine on-premise platform, leveraging the power of the cloud.

This hybrid on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows Wowza Streaming Engine customers to dynamically scale, build, accelerate, and analyze end-to-end streaming services. All while utilizing Wowza Video's global cloud content delivery network (CDN), best-in-class player, and advanced end-to-end analytics.

Why Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Video

The problem we solve

If you're a current Wowza Streaming Engine customer without a Wowza Video subscription, you may use homegrown integrations for streaming services such as CDN, player, and analytics. These patchwork solutions often lead to the following issues:

  • Slower transitions to external cloud providers with extra maintenance.
  • Additional management of end-to-end video streaming deployments.
  • Lack of overall visibility or insights about your total streaming solution.
  • Quality issues or system outages.
  • Costlier streaming design and development times.
  • Disjointed and frustrating workflows.

The solution we provide

When you integrate Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Video, you can solve these problems by utilizing a unique plug-and-play hybrid cloud platform not offered by other solution providers.

With Wowza Video, you get the following additional features:

  • A high-availability CDN for distributed and reliable stream delivery around the world. Our CDN infrastructure delivers content from origin to edge servers, allowing you to reach global audiences of any size without interruption. First-mile issues are minimized with smart origin ingestion that dynamically resolves the closest logical ingest point.
  • Wowza Flowplayer for an easy-to-use, highly customizable, lightweight player. This commercial-grade player is designed for builders and developers. It provides HTML5, HLS, and MPEG-DASH playback, delivering streams to most browsers and devices via a Wowza Video hosted page or your own site. You can customize Wowza Flowplayer with over 30 plugins that provide enhanced capabilities, such as video playback through Airplay and Chromecast.
  • Real-time analytics to gain end-to-end visibility into your viewers' behaviors. A simple-to-use analytics interface provides access to stream health, viewer data, and platform performance. You can improve video quality and optimize costs with metrics around quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE), and viewer engagement.

For more, see About Wowza Video.

The value you gain

When using Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Video, you can leverage a fully integrated on-premise and cloud solution that reduces your deployment complexity and scales as you grow. In the process, you gain these values:

  • Low-lift integration – ​Utilize a plug-and-play hybrid platform solution for Wowza Streaming Engine to efficiently upgrade your deployments with cloud CDN, player, and analytics capabilities.
  • Reduced streaming complexity end-to-end – Use Wowza Streaming Engine to work seamlessly with Wowza’s advanced CDN, player, and analytics features. As a result, you can eliminate the complexity of managing end-to-end streaming deployments, reduce maintenance, and simplify your integrations.
  • Full-stream solution analytics – Achieve greater control over the viewer experience with Wowza’s feature-packed cloud services and advanced analytics. This allows you to gain insight and visibility over your entire streaming lifecycle.
  • Quality of system – Work with Wowza, a market leader for streaming processing with a proven track record. Through this collaboration, you can address quality and reliability issues with a partner known for software that works.
  • Cost-efficient streaming design – Keep costs under control with a hybrid on-premise and cloud approach so you can dynamically scale, build, accelerate, and analyze your streaming.

Learn more about the benefits of using Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Video in the following video.

Get Wowza Streaming Engine with Wowza Video

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