Access Wowza Streaming Engine REST API reference documentation with Postman

Postman, which runs on macOS, Windows, Chrome, and Linux, provides a graphical interface for developing, testing, documenting, and sharing REST APIs. Learn how to configure Wowza Streaming EngineTM media server software so that Postman can run the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API OpenAPI (Swagger) reference documentation server.

Note: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5.0 or later is required.
  1. Download the Postman application and install it on the operating system of your choice.
  2. Install the Wowza Streaming Engine Swagger doc servlet locally by following the instructions in Access reference documentation for the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API.
  3. On the computer that's running Wowza Streaming Engine and the Swagger servlet, navigate to [install-dir]/conf/ and open Server.xml in a text editor.
  4. Locate the <DocumentationServerAuthenticationMethod> property in the <RESTInterface> section.
  5. Add the <DocumentationServerBasePath> property immediately after the <DocumentationServerAuthenticationMethod> property and specify / (forward slash), like this:
  1. Save your change.
  2. Restart Wowza Streaming Engine.
  3. Start Postman.
  4. In the Postman Builder window, choose GET for the method in the Enter request URL field, enter http://[wowza-ip-address]:8089/swagger.json, where [wowza-ip-address] with the IP address of your Wowza Streaming Engine server. For example, http://localhost:8089/swagger.json.