Advanced video publishing in Wowza Video

This guide refers to advanced video publishing use cases. To publish a video in Wowza Video and take advantage of the most advanced use cases, you need a:

  • Video file that is properly encoded.
  • Video player that is configured for your use case.

Properly encoded video file

You have three options for how to host and make the video files available for playback in Wowza Video:

  • Wowza Video-hosted video (default choice and recommended use case).
  • Self-hosted video through Wowza Video.

Below is an overview of the options:

Video hosting Who is hosting the video file Analytics available in Wowza Video Wowza-optimized playback More information

Wowza Video-hosted


Wowza Video

Yes Yes

Getting started

Self-hosted through Wowza Video

 You/Third party Yes Yes Share a self-hosted video in a player

Video player configured for your use case

Each time you publish a video in Wowza Video, you need a player profile to go with it. In case you don't make a player profile selection, we'll automatically select your default profile that's created upon first login as the base setup.

Technical requirements for remote/self-hosted video clips and streams


MP4 videos should be real MPEG-4 part 10 resp. h264 videos in an MP4 container. Make sure your encoder does not create MPEG-4 part 2 aka h263 which won't play in all browsers. The audio track should be AAC rather than MP3.

MP4 metadata

H.264 encoded videos carry their metadata — duration, frame rate etc. — in the moov atom.

If you receive processing errors during video sharing in Wowza Video, move the moov atom to the front of the file. Most desktop encoding programs will insert the moove atom at the end of a video file which is okay for playback of a local file on a desktop program. However, any kind of progressive download for online video may require the metadata to be available right away for immediate playback. A dedicated program like XMedia Recode or MOOV Relocator will move the moov atom to the beginning of the file. 


It is hightly recommended to serve all files with https. You should not mix protocols.