About ad schedules in Wowza Video

Ad schedules allow you to add ads to a player configuration. You can create as many ad schedules as you want and as many player configurations as you want. This makes configuring different advertising setups easy and flexible without the need to write code. If you'd like to define ads using programming, review our advanced advertising.

Note: You have to create one or more ad tags before you can set up an ad schedule in Wowza Video. If you're using CSAI and the VAST ad schedule, create ad tags in Wowza Video. If you're using SSAI and the GAM DAI schedule, you'll create the ad tags in Google Ad Manager. 

There are two types of ad schedules in Wowza Video:

  • Video Ad Serving Template – Creates a VAST ad schedule where ad placement is pre-defined. Insert ads pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll in VAST ad schedules. Used for CSAI ad insertion.

Note: For live streams, we only support pre-roll ads.

Note: To set up a dynamic ad insertion ad schedule in Wowza Video, you should have access to Google Ad Manager. DAI is currently only available for videos and not for live streams.