About stream targets in Wowza Video Legacy

A stream target is a destination for a stream. Stream targets can be Wowza Video™ edge resources or custom, external destinations. Stream targets let you create more flexible, scalable streaming workflows. For example, you can use Wowza Video to transcode source video into adaptive bitrate output renditions, and then have an external host such as YouTube deliver the stream rather than have Wowza Video deliver the content to viewers. You can also send source video from an encoder directly to a Wowza CDN target, bypassing the Wowza Video transcoder but using the Wowza CDN target to deliver the content. Or, broadcast a stream to Facebook with a Facebook Live target.

Wowza Video also offers LinkedIn Live stream targets in private preview release. See Stream to LinkedIn Live from Wowza Video.

Note: You can add up to 10 stream targets in a three-hour period.

Video tutorial:  Using stream targets for simulcasting to social media

See how you can use stream targets to simulast to social media platforms.

How to choose a stream target

Wowza CDN on Fastly – Deliver streams through a Wowza CDN on Fastly resource over HLS (default). This type of target allows playback over iOS, Android, smart TVs, and HTML5-based players. Optionally, you can send an MPEG-DASH stream for digital rights management (DRM) use on Google and Microsoft devices.

Custom – Deliver streams to custom destinations over RTMP. The custom target can be a third-party CDN such as Akamai, or any RTMP destination or host, such as YouTube.

Facebook Live – Deliver streams to Facebook to be broadcast with the Facebook Live Video publishing tool.

LinkedIn Live – Deliver streams to a LinkedIn Live page associated with a personal account or an organization's account.