Wowza Video release notes

The Wowza Video™ platform is updated on a regular basis. Refer to this article for information about software updates, such as new features and functionality or bug fixes, to the user interface. Updates to the Video user interface and API are also posted in the What's New panel of the Video user interface. For a list of current major features in Wowza Video, see Wowza Video Features.

Note: For information about updates to the Wowza Video REST API, see Wowza Video REST API release notes.

New features and functionality


February 8, 2024

We've updated the user experience in Wowza Video to take advantage of Wowza Video's versatile live streaming functionality and Flowplayer OVP's superior player, video content management system, ad insertion technology, video playlist curation, and player analytics.

Important: We're rolling the new experience out incrementally to our customers to ensure the best transition possible. We appreciate your patience and excitement as the changes roll out! 

With this update, you'll get:

  • Enhanced live streaming capabilities – Creating live streams is now easier than ever! You can choose what type of live stream you want to create and customize it according to your needs.  
  • Enhanced player configuration – Wowza Flowplayer is at the heart of this update. You'll also be able to have multiple players on hand.  
  • Enhanced video capabilities – Manage files, replace original files, clip and stitch videos, add subtitles, change poster images, create chapters, and create animated previews.  
  • Enhanced content management capabilities - Add metadata to improve findability of your videos with tags. Organize your videos with categories. 
  • Playlists – Curate and organize your video content seamlessly. Whether you're running a series of training videos or a collection of entertainment content, playlists streamline the process, making it more accessible to your audience.  
  • Advertising – For content providers looking to monetize their videos, the addition of advertising is a game-changer. By integrating advertising into your video player, you can maximize your revenue. 
  • Analytics – Gain invaluable insights into audience behaviors, preferences, and engagement patterns, enabling informed decision-making for content creation, marketing strategies, and platform improvements.

To support the video content management system change, we've released version 2.0 of the Wowza Video REST API. If you integrate with the REST API, make sure to review the major API changes in the Wowza Video REST API Release Notes and Migration Guide.

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