Wowza Video release notes

The Wowza Video™ platform is updated on a regular basis. Refer to this article for information about software updates, such as new features and functionality or bug fixes, to the user interface. Updates to the Video user interface and API are also posted in the What's New panel of the Video user interface. For a list of current major features in Wowza Video, see Wowza Video Features.

Note: For information about updates to the Wowza Video REST API, see Wowza Video REST API release notes.

New features and functionality


May 22, 2024

In Historic analytics, we’ve updated the all-time analytics so that: 

  • If you filter all-time analytics for a live stream or a VOD asset, the From field defaults to the date of the first view received for the respective live stream or VOD asset.
  • If you filter all-time analytics data for all live streams and VOD assets in your org, the From field defaults to the date of the first view received on either a live stream or a VOD asset in your org.
  • If you filter all-time analytics data for live streams or VOD assets only, the From field defaults to the date of the first view received on your live streams or VOD assets.

May 8, 2024

  • In Historic analytics, you can now gather viewer data for your live streams or VOD assets as early as May 2022, or, from the date of creation of the specific live stream or VOD asset. To view all-time data for a live stream or a VOD asset, select the All time preset in the Time frame drop-down under Historic analytics.

  • In Historic analytics, viewer data is now returned in the following intervals:

    • If you filter data between 0 minutes to 3 hours, the granularity of the data returned is by minute. 

    • If you filter data between 3 and 24 hours, the granularity of the data returned is per hour. 

    • If you filter data between 24 hours and 175 days, the granularity of the data returned is per day.

    • If you filter data between 175 days and 14 years, the granularity of the data returned is per month. 

May 2, 2024

We now have reliable and highly accurate live captioning available for Wowza Video through a partnership between us and 3Play Media. You use 3Play Media's platform for an easy-to-schedule workflow to schedule either:

  • Live Automatic Captioning which utilizes automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to provide real-time captions for your live events. 
  • Live Professional Captioning which relies on a professionally-trained human captioner to caption your event. This service has an automatic fallback to Live Automatic Captioning in the case that service is interrupted. Once resolved, your human captioner will automatically resume.

The 3Play platform also includes a simple dashboard to order and manage all of your live caption events in one location. To get started with live captions in Wowza Video, contact a Wowza representative.

For more information, view our Use live captioning with 3Play Media and Wowza Video article.

April 11, 2024

April 3, 2024

  • We’ve added 24x7 channel as a live stream intent. If you need to broadcast continuously, this is for you! To create a 24x7 channel:

    • Make sure you have 24x7 streaming enabled To enable 24x7 streaming, contact 720.279.8163 or schedule a call.

    • Click Live streams then click Add new and select 24x7 channel.

    See Stream a 24/7 channel with Wowza Video for more information.

March 21, 2024

  • You can now add a poster image to your live stream. Poster images display before the live stream begins.

    Some stream types allow you to configure the poster image during stream creation. For all other types, you can add or change a poster image on the Settings tab of the live stream's details page. 

  • Moved modification of source authentication from the Configure transcoder dialog box on the Components tab of the live stream details page to the Security tab.

March 15, 2024

We've added the total number of plays and displays above the Popularity chart in Historic analytics. For more information, see Analytics page in Wowza Video

March 13, 2024

  • We’ve added Stream a video as live as a live stream intent. Already have a recorded event you want to show again? Now it’s easy to stream your MP4 file just like it were a live event! To stream video content as live:
  • Fixed an issue where SRT streams allowed source authentication but didn't persist when set. Source authentication isn't allowed for SRT streams, so the option is removed from the Security tab on the live stream's detail page to avoid confusion.  

February 8, 2024

We've updated the user experience in Wowza Video to take advantage of Wowza Video's versatile live streaming functionality and Flowplayer OVP's superior player, video content management system, ad insertion technology, video playlist curation, and player analytics.

Important: We're rolling the new experience out incrementally to our customers to ensure the best transition possible. We appreciate your patience and excitement as the changes roll out! 

With this update, you'll get:

  • Enhanced live streaming capabilities – Creating live streams is now easier than ever! You can choose what type of live stream you want to create and customize it according to your needs.  
  • Enhanced player configuration – Wowza Flowplayer is at the heart of this update. You'll also be able to have multiple players on hand.  
  • Enhanced video capabilities – Manage files, replace original files, clip and stitch videos, add subtitles, change poster images, create chapters, and create animated previews.  
  • Enhanced content management capabilities - Add metadata to improve findability of your videos with tags. Organize your videos with categories. 
  • Playlists – Curate and organize your video content seamlessly. Whether you're running a series of training videos or a collection of entertainment content, playlists streamline the process, making it more accessible to your audience.  
  • Advertising – For content providers looking to monetize their videos, the addition of advertising is a game-changer. By integrating advertising into your video player, you can maximize your revenue. 
  • Analytics – Gain invaluable insights into audience behaviors, preferences, and engagement patterns, enabling informed decision-making for content creation, marketing strategies, and platform improvements.

To support the video content management system change, we've released version 2.0 of the Wowza Video REST API. If you integrate with the REST API, make sure to review the major API changes in the Wowza Video REST API Release Notes and Migration Guide.

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