About Wowza Streaming Engine XML configuration

Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software configuration settings are stored in a set of XML configuration and properties files in the [install-dir]/conf folder. The settings can be changed by configuring options and properties in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager or by editing them in a text editor. Although you can configure many settings for Wowza Streaming Engine through the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager user interface, certain feature configurations require editing XML files and other configuration file types.

The articles in this section describe the most commonly used settings and configuration items in the XML configuration files that are located in the [install-dir]/conf folder of the Wowza Streaming Engine installation. Basic configuration settings for the latest available version of Wowza Streaming Engine are included, but details of internal settings are omitted.

The following configuration files are read when the server starts. Click the file name to learn more about the contents of the file.