Connect to a Matrox Monarch HD encoder

Learn how to use the Matrox Monarch HD as the video source for a Wowza Video™ live stream. The Matrox Monarch HD is a video streaming and recording appliance that can deliver live steams to the Wowza Video™ service. When you choose Matrox as your video source, Wowza Video generates a connection settings file that you can use to easily connect the Monarch HD to Wowza Video.

Note: Monarch HD firmware version 2.0 or later is required. Download Monarch HD firmware.

Matrox Monarch HD encoders

After you've added a live stream in Wowza Video, configure the Monarch HD to connect to it by using the XML connection settings file that Wowza Video generated for the live stream.

  1. On the Live Streams page of Wowza Video, select the live stream that uses Matrox as its video source.
  2. Click the Video Source and Transcoder tab of the live stream detail page.
  3. Under Download Configuration File, click Download.

  1. Copy the downloaded file, Matrox.xml, to the computer where you're running the web-based Monarch Command Center.
  2. In the Monarch Command Center, click the Settings menu and choose Stream.
  3. In the Streaming area of the Stream Settings page, click the Browse button next to XML File, and then find and select the Matrox.xml file.

  1. Configure any other required encoding settings for your broadcast.