Org settings page in Wowza Video

This article introduces the different parts of the Org Settings page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface. 

To view the Org Settings page, click your user profile in the upper left of any screen, then click Org Settings under Organization

The following contains all of the configuration options and definitions available to manage settings for an account:

  • Settings – Configurations for settings within Wowza Video.
    • Embedding – The configurations to embed the player to play a video to viewers. 
      • Add Asset Name as Title to Iframe Embeds – Any time you use an iframe embed, the video name displays as the video title to viewers.
      • Add Asset Description as Title to Iframe Embeds – Any time you use an iframe embed, the video description displays as the video title to viewers.
      • Default Embed Method – Sets either JavaScript or iframe as the default embed method for all content, depending on which you select.​ 
        • Use Legacy JS Embed Codes – Use this option if you need to support browsers that lack support for JavaScript modules.
    • Video Assets
      • Hide New Videos From Endscreens and Dynamic Playlists – Hides all new videos from all endscreens and dynamic playlists.
      • Keep Original Video File on Upload – Keeps all the latest versions of the original video files when you upload videos to replace last original files. If this is not checked, The uploaded original files will be removed once encoding is completed for the files that replace the originals.
      • Delete Video When Unpublished – Deletes all videos when they move from a published state to an unpublished state.
      • Enable Transcriptions – When checked, Wowza Video can transcribe videos into subtitle tracks.
      • Transcribe New Videos Automatically – When checked, all new videos are automatically transcribed.
      • Default Language for Transcriptions – Select the default language you want to use for automated video transcriptions. The default is English.
      • Publish Transcriptions Automatically – When checked, video transcriptions are automatically published.
      • Automatically Generate Animated Previews on Video Uploads – Generates animated previews upon video upload into the system for all videos.
  • Custom Fields – Creates custom fields to add to video metadata.   
    •  Add Field  
      • Custom Field X – Enter text into the field to create a custom field that displays as part of your video metadata fields.