Clip and stitch a video in Wowza Video

Clipping (Trimming) allows you to edit existing videos into shorter clips and save them, while stitching allows you to combine two or more videos/clips into a new video. A use case is stitching a video clip of your company logo at the beginning of a company training video to brand your training videos.

Clip editor overview

Clip and stitch uses the Clip editor. To access it, click Videos in the navigation, select a video in the Videos list, then click Create Clip in the Video Details page.

Learn more about the Video Details page to see the specific settings and their descriptions you can configure for clipping and stitching a video.

Videos list

To the left of the editor, there is a Videos list. Click Videos to expand the list of all of your videos. You can select a clip from the list to put in your Reel area.


The Reel area contains all of the clips you want to add to your selected video.

Trim tool

When first opening the editor, you will see the video preview player and the Trim tool. 

The Trim tool is laid out on a horizontal timeline representing the duration of the video. The blue box on the timeline represents the clip. The white, vertical lines represent the start time and end time of the video and segments clips by 8-second segments. Hover over the white, vertical start time line, then hold your mouse down and drag and drop on the track where you want the start time of the clip. The start time will be in 8-second increments. Do the same with the end timeline which will also be in 8-second segments.


Since the timeline encompasses the entire duration of the video, you may need to zoom in on parts of the timeline for more precise control.

To zoom, you have two options:

  • Use the zoom and focus controls located directly below the timeline.
  • Use the bar that represents the currently visible part of the timeline.

Zoom and focus controls

Using the zoom and focus controls, you can:

  • Zoom in on the timeline.
  • Zoom out on the timeline.
  • Zoom and focus on the currently selected clip.
  • Zoom out completely to show the full timeline.
  • Scroll the timeline.


Below the controls, there's a bar that represents the currently visible part of the timeline. Using the handles, you can resize the bar which zooms in and out on the corresponding part of the timeline. You can also drag the actual bar part to focus on a corresponding part of the timeline.

Stitch a clip

To stitch a clip into a video in the Clip editor:

  1. Select a video from the list of videos in the Clip editor.
  2. Drag and drop the video onto your Reel area. You can add multiple videos to the reel and drag them on the reel to rearrange them. 
  3. Click Create Clip
  4. Give your clip a name, configure it, then click Create clip. The videos on the Reel will now stitch together in the order they were arranged.
  5. The stitched-together clip will display in the Videos list as soon as it’s ready. 

Trim a clip

To trim a selected clip in the Clip editor:

  1. Drag the handle (white, vertical line) on the left of the trim tool to set the start point (by 8-second increments) and the handle (white, vertical line) on the right to set the end point (by 8-second increments) to set the region of the recording you want to trim.
  2. Click Create clip.
  3. Give your clip a name, configure it, then click Create clip.
  4. The newly-created video clip will display in the Videos list as soon as it’s ready. 

You can stitch and trim a video in the same session.