Share management of a broadcast using Wowza ClearCaster

This article is useful if you have a Wowza account and want to share the monitoring and management of a Wowza ClearCaster broadcast you created with as many people as you'd like inside or outside of your organization or if you've created a Facebook Paired broadcast and are ready to go live.

Before you start

You need:

About shared broadcasts

After you've created a broadcast, you can create a unique sharing URL. Anyone you send the sharing URL to can start, stop, and monitor the associated broadcast. You can configure the sharing URL to expire after a certain number of days and you can add more than one sharing URL to a broadcast. This allows you to create multiple unique links with different names and expirations for a single broadcast.

All broadcasts with the Facebook Paired destination must be shared before starting, stopping, previewing, or otherwise managing the broadcast. Unlike shared broadcasts to other destinations, Facebook Paired broadcasts are always managed from the sharing URL page, including by the creator of the broadcast. Anyone with a Facebook Paired sharing URL can publish the broadcast to pages, groups, and feeds associated with the linked Facebook account. 

Share a broadcast

  1. Sign in to Wowza ClearCaster Manager at with your Wowza account.
  2. Click Broadcast in the menu bar.
  3. Click Share for the broadcast you wish to share.
  4. Enter a name, expiration date, and passphrase.
    • Name – The name of the shared broadcast URL.
    • Expires – The number of days before the shared URL expires. Valid values are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
    • Passphrase – An alphanumeric string that users must enter (must be at least eight characters in length). The button to the right of the passphrase field generates a 12-digit random code with numbers and symbols.

      Important: Remember your passphrase even if it is randomly generated. There is no way to reset it. You have to create a new URL with a new passphrase if you forget it. 
  5. Click Generate Sharing URL.

    The sharing URL that you created is displayed at the top of the Share broadcast dialog. You can create as many sharing URLs as you like and access the sharing URLs from the Share button in the future.

  6. Send this URL and passphrase to anyone that you want to be able to start, stop, and monitor the broadcast.

Next steps 

  • All broadcast options except Facebook Paired - You may want to preview what controls are available to users you share the sharing URL with. You can do this by opening the sharing URL and entering your passphrase. You can manage and monitor only the single shared broadcast from the Manage and Monitor tabs.
  • Facebook Paired broadcasts - You can now use the sharing URL you created to go live with your broadcast. Facebook Paired broadcasts have a different interface than any other broadcast type. See Manage Facebook Paired broadcasts to learn how to go live. 

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