Create and manage broadcasts

Create and manage Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts and simulcasts, and monitor stream health and viewer engagement.


Create a Wowza ClearCaster broadcast for Facebook Live
Deliver a Wowza ClearCaster live stream broadcast to your Facebook Timeline, Group, or Page you manage.
Set up redundant ClearCaster live streams for Facebook Live broadcasts
Prevent disruptions to Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts to Facebook Live by building redundancy into your ClearCaster production workflow.
Add titling and graphics to Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts
Add browser-based titling and graphics overlays to your Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts for Facebook Live.
Simulcast a Wowza ClearCaster Live Stream on Facebook Live and Wowza Streaming Cloud
Simulcast a Wowza ClearCaster live video stream to your Facebook Timeline, Group, or Page you manage and to Wowza Streaming Cloud.
Monitor Wowza ClearCaster live stream health
Monitor Wowza ClearCaster live stream metrics to help ensure the health of your Facebook Live video broadcast.
Monitor viewer engagement with Wowza ClearCaster Facebook streams
Preview your Wowza ClearCaster live streams and engage with your Facebook followers in real time by using an HDMI computer monitor (Talent View).
End a Wowza ClearCaster broadcast
Finish your Wowza ClearCaster live stream after your Facebook Live event has ended.
Manage Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts
View, edit, preview, and delete Wowza ClearCaster live stream broadcasts.
Manage Wowza ClearCster simulcast targets
View, start, stop, and delete simulcast targets in Wowza ClearCaster Manager.