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Type: Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

How Live Streaming Works

Live video streaming is complicated — but it doesn’t have to be. The Complete Guide to Live Streaming takes you through the entire streaming process, answering any questions you might have along the way.

Ever wondered what video codecs you should use? How about the best way to reduce latency? Our guide’s got you covered. Discover everything you need to know to professionally stream at scale.

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Live Video Streaming For Every Use Case

Wowza’s products and solutions are built to power high-quality, reliable live streaming for every use case and industry.

IP Camera Streaming

Embed IP camera streams into websites and mobile apps to broadcast video without needing a separate encoder.

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Broadcast & OTT

Deliver leading-edge broadcasts to any device and connect with your viewers wherever they are.

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VR Streaming

Stream live VR video experiences to local or global audiences.

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Live Video Streaming Features and Functionality

Playback on Any Device

Playback on Any Device

Cost-effectively stream your live event to any device and any network, with transcoding for adaptive bitrates.

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Use Any Encoder to Stream Live

Encoder Flexibility

Simply point your IP camera feed or RTMP, RTSP/RTP, or MPEG-TS stream to the Wowza server and let us do the rest.

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Global Reach for Live Streaming

Achieve Global Reach

Send your live streams to CDNs, video-sharing websites, and more for built-in scaling and redundancy.

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Custom Live Streaming

Customize Your Workflow

Leverage Wowza APIs and third-party integrations to build a solution that’s just right for you.

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Live Streaming Event Support

Professional Services

Count on Wowza for everything from live event support and training to architecture recommendations and custom-build solutions.

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What Customers Are Saying about Live Streaming with Wowza

“We use more than 100 Wowza servers on our own CDN across Latin America to deliver live events like music shows and sports to multiple screens. We’re very happy with Wowza Streaming Engine performance and stability.”

— Luiz Antonio Cassetari Vieira Filho,
Senior support analyst, Terra

“Wowza provided us with the most advanced tools for streaming, a flexible and extensible architecture, excellent technical support, and impressive reliability.”

— Branden Spikes,
CIO, SpaceX

Frequently Asked Questions

What is live video streaming?

Live video streaming is the broadcasting of audiovisual content over the internet in real time.

How does live streaming work?

Live video streaming often requires a camera to capture the content, an encoder to compress the data, a media server to process the data and convert it when required, a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute the live video across the world, and an internet-connected device for playback. While a lot goes into getting that live stream from capture to playback, we designed our software, services, and hardware to help you along the way.

What is the difference between streaming and video on demand?

Video streaming can take the form of both live and recorded content. With live streaming, the content plays as it’s being captured. Video on demand (VOD), on the other hand, describes prerecorded content that internet-connected users can stream by request.

What are the benefits of streaming?

Live streaming is one of the most flexible and authentic ways to connect end users. With adoption rates exploding, use cases proliferating, and video quality increasing, the streaming industry’s influence on everyday life continues to grow. From virtual doctor visits to military-grade body cams, we can’t begin to predict how this technology will be used next.