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Create Engaging 360° Streaming Experiences With Wowza Software

Seamless integration between Wowza technology and VR/360° devices and players allows anyone to stream high-quality, immersive video experiences to local or global audiences.

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Learn how Wowza™ technology enables you to live stream 360° and virtual reality (VR) video content through Wowza Streaming Cloud™ and Wowza Streaming Engine™—right out of the box. This allows you to deliver high-quality, immersive video experiences to audiences anywhere.

A Typical Workflow for 360° and VR Streaming

Wowza is the natural choice for live-streaming VR and 360° content at every stage of your workflow:

How Wowza Streaming Engine Works Diagram
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How Wowza Streaming Engine Works Diagram

Part Streaming Software, Part Superpower

Support Virtual Reality Devices

Support Virtual Reality Devices

Wowza software can stream to a wide range of virtual reality–enabled devices.

Browser-Playback Compatible

Browser-Playback Compatible

Wowza technology enables high-quality, live 360° video in most modern browsers.

Stream in 4K Resolution

Stream in 4K

Wowza gives you the ability to stream 360° video in 4K resolution.

Real-Time Transcoding


Enable adaptive bitrate streaming with real-time transcoding.

Radiant Images and Wowza Live Stream Obama Farewell Speech

Radiant Images Delivers VR & 360° Innovation With Wowza Technology

Learn how Radiant Images, an award-winning innovator in digital cinema, uses Wowza technology to deliver immersive VR and 360° experiences of unforgettable events, such as President Obama’s farewell speech.

“At Radiant Images, we try to keep things as simple as possible for the virtual reality events we produce. Using the Wowza Streaming Cloud service, we’re able to streamline our workflows and seamlessly deliver VR and augmented-reality productions to audiences around the world, be it to Facebook, YouTube, hosted apps or other websites.” – Michael Mansouri, co-founder at Radiant Images

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The Wowza 360° Advantage

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Optimized for VR and 360°

Event-Based Workflows

Many use cases for VR and 360º streaming are event-based, such as immersive concert and sports experiences. Why spin up your own server instances for a single event when Wowza Streaming Cloud can do the work for you? Simply connect your source and start streaming.

Reliable 4K & UHD Streaming

Configure Wowza Streaming Cloud to receive and package 4K and UHD streams with compute-optimized servers.

Advanced Transcoding

Enable real-time transcoding to power adaptive bitrate streaming. Use our optimized transcoding profiles, or build your own specific to your application.

Stream Health Monitoring

Monitor and manage your streams in real time using Wowza Streaming Cloud stream health capabilities.

Scale With Wowza Technology

Scale With Wowza Technology

Global Network

Use Wowza Streaming Cloud’s global CDN to stream to and from any location.

Stream in 360° to Top Platforms

Deliver 360° streams to massive audiences on top platforms, such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter and YouTube Live.

Multi-Channel Streaming

Use Wowza Streaming Cloud to easily scale your origin infrastructure and stream unlimited, concurrent 360 events.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Leverage cloud-based streaming workflows to avoid triggering bandwidth limitations on your on-premise setup.

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