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Type: IP Camera Streaming

IP Camera Streaming

Embed IP camera streams into websites and mobile apps to broadcast video without needing a separate encoder.

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IP Camera Streaming With Wowza

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live video monitoring

Pull RTSP Streams from Any IP Camera

Point your RTSP streams from IP cameras to Wowza —no separate encoder needed.

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Record/Archive Live Video Streams

Record the video and audio from your IP cameras and archive it for later. With Wowza Streaming Engine, easily use archived files for on-demand playback.

Interactive Live Streaming

Easily Control Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Control the PTZ functionality of multiple IP cameras in real time to produce a professional live stream.

Low Latency Video Streaming

Pause, Rewind, and Seek in Live Streams

Use the built-in nDVR feature in Wowza Streaming Engine™ to deliver a time-shifted viewing experience with the ability to pause, rewind, or resume live streams on any device.

Low Latency Video Streaming

Customize Your Streaming Architecture

Easily integrate Wowza technology with other systems and third-party offerings. Leverage Wowza APIs and components to build solutions that support your evolving streaming needs.

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What Customers Are Saying about Streaming with Wowza

“Wowza Streaming Engine software has made it possible to forego extra encoding, decoding, and re-encoding equipment, saving us money and rack space.”

Timothy Bean, ITS Systems Specialist,
Mississippi Department of Transportation

“We’re blowing people away with the quality of the streams, and they’re so easy to manage. We push all of our cameras to one place instead of needing multiple computers and video experts onsite.”

Scott LaBounty, Director of Video
Production, University of Oregon

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