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Capability: Live Stream Recording


Stream live events now. Expand your audience later.

The Live-to-VOD feature allows you to create video-on-demand assets from your live streams instantly. Give customers control over their viewing experience, expand your audience, and stream in the highest quality by creating a VOD stream with Wowza™ software and services.

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Put Viewers in Control

Give your viewers the power to play, pause, and rewind content at their convenience by accessing on-demand content produced from your live events or using the nDVR feature for immediate time-shifted playback.

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Expand Your Audience

Increase viewership numbers and boost the performance of your content by offering recordings of your live events for playback later. Stream VOD assets to any player or device, using the same stream configuration and security settings as were used in your live stream.

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Monetize On-Demand Content

Create extra monetization opportunities and boost ROI by gating the VOD assets on your platform.

Live-to-VOD Functionality

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Transcoded Live Streams

Create MP4 recordings of your live streams and transcoded output.

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Archived Live Streams

Record a live stream to a file available for on-demand playback.

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Time-Shifted Playback

Deliver pause, rewind, and fast-forward, plus the option to return to live streaming with nDVR.

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VOD Files to Any Device

Stream prerecorded video to any device, over any protocol, from one set of source files.

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