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Capability: Live Transcoding

Live Transcoding

Make your live streaming workflow more efficient with transcoding.

Transcoding with Wowza™ technology lets you refine your live encoding and streaming workflow, saving on upload bandwidth while delivering the best-possible-quality streams to each user’s specific device.

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A Typical Workflow for Live Transcoding

transcoding workflow


Wowza accepts all major protocols and codecs. Plus, Works With Wowza™ partners have preconfigured settings for easy setup.


Wowza audio and video transcoding technology re-encodes and converts one file format and bitrate/resolution to another (or many others).


Wowza supports all playback device formats for universal compatibility across device types and bandwidths.

Key Features

Low Latency

Adaptive Streaming

Wowza automatically transrates an incoming stream to create streams of various bitrates and dynamically serve the right one to each viewer based on their bandwidth, giving audiences from Silicon Valley to Mount Everest the best-possible viewing experience.

Immersive Interactive Experiences

Simplified Workflows

Realize huge savings in your live encoding workflow by minimizing hardware costs, onsite bandwidth issues, and infrastructure complexity. You can send a single encoded stream out and use Wowza transcoding to complete your workflow.

Any-Device Streaming

Dynamic Overlays

Wowza’s transcoder allows you to overlay static and dynamic images on top of video by using a Java-based API. It can be configured manually or pre-programmed based on external events, making it a powerful tool for adding premium TV-like experiences.

Any-Device Streaming

Delivery to Every Device

You send a single audio/video stream to Wowza, then we change that stream’s format into others on the fly to match your viewers’ device type for universal compatibility with set-top boxes, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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