About Wowza Video Legacy stream sources

About Stream Sources

Wowza stream sources simplify the process of configuring and managing transcoders to make it faster and easier for you to stream live video. They automatically detect the broadcast location and automatically start and stop an associated transcoder, providing an instant connection between your source encoder and a Wowza Video transcoder.

The Wowza Video service uses servers on multiple continents to receive source video and deliver transcoded streams. A Wowza stream source provides an entry point into Wowza Video that automatically detects the broadcast location of your source encoder or camera and uses the closest ingest point based on a DNS query.

Advantages of using Stream Sources

A transcoder connected to a Wowza stream source starts automatically when your video source begins pushing a stream to Wowza Video. There’s no need to click in the user interface or perform any API requests in order to start streaming. The connection is instantaneous, meaning there's no wait for the transcoder to start. The transcoder also stops automatically after the video source stops pushing a stream. The idle timeout value you set for the transcoder determines how quickly the transcoder stops after the video source ends.

Some use cases for stream sources:

  • Live broadcasts from differing locations.
  • Geographically dispersed organizations.
  • Users who need a quick streaming connection with little-to-no downtime.

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