Analytics in Wowza Video

Analytics in Wowza Video provide valuable insights into audience behavior and engagement which helps you to understand viewer preferences and optimize your streaming strategies for better reach and retention. This data-driven approach helps in enhancing content quality and maximizing the overall streaming experience for your viewers.

The different types of analytics we provide are viewer, engagement (for videos only), and popularity for both live streams and videos: 

Viewer Analytics – Provide information regarding viewers, renditions, devices, and countries. This data is crucial for streaming platforms and content providers to enhance user experience, optimize content libraries, and drive engagement. 

  • Rendition metrics ensure that viewers receive content at the appropriate quality level and viewer count data highlights content popularity. 
  • Device metrics provide insight into device types which helps with optimizing content delivery and user experience. 
  • Country metrics enable content and marketing strategies to be tailored to specific regions. 

Engagement Analytics – Data for a stream that provides a concise overview of viewer retention throughout a stream. It presents the initial viewer count and tracks how the viewer engagement evolves as the stream progresses. 

  • Play rate and completion rate metrics enable strategies to optimize your content. 
  • Trend metrics help you with strategically placing ads and enhancing viewer interest.  

Popularity Analytics (plays and displays data) – Refer to metrics that track the number of times a stream has been initiated or viewed by viewers. These metrics are vital in assessing the popularity and reach of streaming content. 

  • The plays metric indicates the level of interest or engagement with the content and is often used to measure the initial viewer interaction with a video stream. 
  • The displays metric refers to the number of times a video thumbnail or preview is displayed to viewers. It is a measure of how often the content is presented to potential viewers and indicates the opportunity for engagement.

 Note: The data for Popularity and Engagement charts are returned from Wowza Flowplayer. If you're using a different player for your live stream, you'll need to change to Wowza Flowplayer to take advantage of this player-driven data. You’ll also need to be using the Wowza CDN to receive all other analytics data. 

More information 

To learn more about Wowza Video analytics, see the Analytics page in Wowza Video