Known issues and limitations in Wowza Video

This article describes known issues and limitations in Wowza Video. If available, workarounds for these issues are described. Check back often as this article will be updated as new developments occur.

Known issues

The following are known issues in Wowza Video:

  • General
    • Wowza Video Player — Setting a logo in the lower right corner of the player results in the player controls being covered and inaccessible by viewers.
  • User Interface
    • Home page charts and tables — For customers with large data sets, the charts and tables on the home page could take a while to load.
    • Stream target usage data — Stream target usage is missing Total Unique Viewers, Total Viewing Time, Average Viewing Time, Viewers per country, and Viewers per rendition. We'll add that data back in a future release.
    • Help button — The help button for the Live Analytics and Historic Analytics pages doesn't launch a page-specific help topic.
    • Wowza Video Player
      • The user interface incorrectly states that LL-DASH is supported.
      • The Wowza Video Player option isn't selected by default and the Playback Settings tab allows you to continue through the live stream creation process. If you click Finish and get a Player provider freecaster_vjs is not valid error, make sure to select the Wowza Video Player on the Playback Settings tab.
    • Live Stream Playback tab —  The copy buttons for Player Embed Code and Playback URLs isn't working. Either manually copy the code in the field or use the copy button on the Overview tab.
  • API
    • Live data — The following usage endpoints might report inaccurate unique_viewer live data when the same viewer looks at both the live stream and the VOD asset for a stream: This single same viewer will show as one unique viewer across both live data sets, instead of showing as a different unique viewer for each type. Both live stream and VOD asset viewer data currently comes from the stream target, which doesn't differentiate between VOD and live streams for unique viewers.
      • /usage/stream_targets/{id}/live
      • /usage/vod_streams/{id}/live
      • /usage/accounts/live


The following are limitations in Wowza Video.

Browser support

You can sign in to Wowza Video by using any modern web browser that supports HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets level 3 (CSS 3). The Wowza Video web user interface has been most extensively tested on Google Chrome, however, so for best results we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Data and metrics

The following limitations apply to historical data and metrics:

  • Viewer data isn't available for streams before October 5, 2015.
  • Health metrics for streams that started before June 6, 2017, may be incomplete or missing.