Embed and customize Wowza Flowplayer in your site

For Wowza Video subscribers, we added Wowza Flowplayer, an easy-to-use, commercial-grade video player designed for builders and developers. It provides HTML5, HLS, and MPEG-DASH playback and plays streams on most browsers and devices through either a Wowza Video hosted page or your own site. Highly customizable and lightweight, Wowza Flowplayer enables innovative and scalable video playback for many use cases.

This player is bundled into Wowza Video with no need for a third-party player. It offers broad support with SDKs for iOS, tvOS, and Android. When you embed the player in your own site, you can customize Wowza Flowplayer with 30+ available plugins providing enhanced capabilities, including video playback through Airplay and Chromecast.

The Wowza Flowplayer is the default player included with a Wowza Video subscription. You're a subscriber if you have access to Asset Management and Historic and Live Analytics in the Wowza Video user interface.    

This article explains how to embed and customize the Wowza Flowplayer in your site.

Before you start

You should complete the following tasks:

  • Create a live stream with Wowza Flowplayer specified as the player for the stream. View our Get Started with Wowza Video topic to learn how to create a live stream.

You should have access to the following items:

1. Embed the player in your site

After you've created a live stream, embed the player into your site.

  1. In Wowza Video, click Available Streams.
  2. Select the stream from the list.
  3. Copy the Player Embed Code on the Live Stream Details page.

  4. Paste the code into your webpage.

Next, you can customize the player to support your viewers, use cases, or branding.

2. Customize Wowza Flowplayer

When you host your live stream using Wowza Flowplayer on your own website, you can customize the default player UI through CSS code.

The player is optimized for most browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. The default UI includes:

  • Responsiveness
  • Basic video player controls and functionality

Some of the customizations you can make to the player's default UI include:

Note: Because Wowza Flowplayer is built using Flowplayer, the following links go to Flowplayer's product documentation.

These are only a few of the possibilities for customization. Explore more Wowza Flowplayer customization possibilities.

Customize the Wowza Flowplayer using Plugins

Wowza Flowplayer includes 30+ plugins providing enhanced capabilities to the player, including video playback through Airplay and Chromecast. For example, you can use the Airplay plugin to implement the feature that allows you to play content on Airplay devices. An Airplay device selection button appears when Airplay devices are available in the same WiFi network. For more information on plugins, refer to Plugins.

3. Test your customizations

Start your live stream (both the encoder and in Wowza Video), and make sure it's playing as expected on your site.

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