How to simulate UDP packet loss to test streams (MPEG-TS/RTP)

This article describes how to use RTPDePacketizerWrapperPacketLossSimulator, an IRTPDePacketizerWrapper implementation for simulating UDP packet loss during MPEG-TS or RTP stream ingestion to Wowza™ software. It will drop packets during the UDP ingestion process.

Note: This feature is available in Wowza Media Server™ 3.6.4 and later.
To configure, add the following properties to the <RTP>/<Properties> container in [install-dir]/conf/[application-name]/Application.xml:

rtpDePacketizerPacketLossSimulatorPacketLoss is the percentage of packet loss and rtpDePacketizerPacketLossSimulatorLogIncrement is the frequency, in milliseconds, at which packet loss details are logged (set to 0 to turn off logging of packet loss details).
Originally Published: For Wowza Media Server 3.6.3 on 07-02-2013.

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