Account usage page in Wowza Video

This article introduces the different parts of the Account Usage page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface. The Account Usage page shows usage data for an entire account. You can click on 

Keep in mind the following important caveat about viewer data:

  • Viewing data for Wowza CDN stream targets is available in near real-time. 

Streaming tab

The Streaming tab displays a table with a row for every live stream and transcoder that was processed by Wowza Video during the selected time frame and a table based on passthrough streaming time. Each table shows the Mode (a single event or 24/7 channel) and how long each stream or transcoder streamed (Hours Streamed) along with hours streamed to additional targets (Hours Streamed To Addl Targets).

The total hours streamed for all streams or transcoders in the time frame appears at the bottom of each table along with the same for hours streamed to additional targets.

Viewing tab

The Viewing tab shows the amount of gigabits viewed and hours viewed. Hours viewed is by hours for live streams that have accrued in your account during the selected time frame.

Total viewing amounts for the specified time frame appear at the bottom of the table.