Security features for videos in Wowza Video

The Wowza Video™ service offers a comprehensive set of security features designed to safeguard the delivery and access of streams throughout the entire process, starting from capturing with a camera or source encoder, undergoing transcoding, and, ultimately, generating streams for viewer consumption in a player. 

This article outlines which security features are available for videos (VOD). Features include geo-blocking, which allows or blocks users based on geographic location, from accessing a video. It also outlines Digital Rights Management (DRM) for videos.

Security features for HLS streams using Wowza CDN  on Fastly

The following features are available to secure an HLS stream that uses Wowza CDN on Fastly stream targets in Wowza Video for videos.

Geo-blocking for playback on Wowza CDN on Fastly

Geo-blocking through Wowza Video allows you to selectively allow or block access to Wowza CDN on Fastly stream targets to control where a stream can be viewed. You can use geo-blocking to specify which countries are allowed or which countries are blocked. 

To configure geo-blocking for a video by country:

  1. Go to Videos in the navigation.
  2. Select a video.
  3. Under Geo-blocking in the Metadata tab, click the field.
  4. Select whether to allow or block selected countries from accessing a video.
  5. From the Countries dropdown, select countries to include.
  6. Click OK.

DRM (digital rights management) on Wowza CDN on Fastly

Digital rights management (DRM) technology provides a way, through encryption, for content creators to protect copyrights and unauthorized distribution of their digital media. Wowza Video provides integration with Google Widevine, Microsoft Playready, Clearkey, or Apple Fairplay Streaming, third-party DRM services you can use to protect video (VOD) content from unauthorized viewing.

Note: To protect streams using any of the third-party DRM services mentioned above, you must have an account with one of the companies, configured appropriately for the device types for which you wish to stream. For FairPlay, you'll need verification from Apple that you're approved to use Fairplay.

Besides having a DRM services account, you must install the DRM plugin alongside Wowza Flowplayer. Adding the DRM plugin enables DRM video playback on Wowza Flowplayer. 

Review the following article to learn more about adding the DRM plugin to your code:

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