Video Series: Streaming with Wowza Video

This video series covers many common Wowza Video workflows. You also get the added bonus of our presenters' deep streaming knowledge, as well as tips and tricks!

Get Started with Wowza Video

Learn how to navigate the Wowza Video UI and create your first live stream.

Stream SRT to Wowza Video

SRT is a more secure and reliable option for live streaming compared to RTMP. This streaming protocol can be used for ingest by Wowza Video through software encoders such as OBS Studio and Wirecast.

Simulcast with Stream Targets

See how you can use stream targets to simulcast to social media platforms.

Deliver a reduced-latency HLS Stream

See how to deliver a reduced-latency HLS stream using the Wowza Video user interface. While general latency going from RTMP to HLS is 30-45 seconds, this can be tuned down to 9-12 seconds by checking a box and optimizing your encoder output. Additionally, you can add a WebRTC output with a 1-3 second latency. However, this WebRTC output will not scale to as many viewers as your HLS stream.