Play a Wowza Video Legacy live stream in JW Player

The Wowza Video™ service lets you play live streams on your own website using a third-party player such as JW Player. JW Player is an HTML5-based, customizable video player whose paid editions offer a rich set of features, including the capability to receive live HLS streams. To play live streams from Wowza Video in JW Player 8, use your stream's HLS playback URL with the cloud or self-hosted version of the player.

  • Sending live streams to JW Player 8 as described in this article requires a paid edition of the player.
  • JW Player doesn't support Adobe HDS streaming. If you want to send a live stream from Wowza Video to JW Player version 6 or 7 using Adobe HDS, download and use the Akamai Advanced JW Player Provider plug-in.

1. Identify your live stream's HLS playback URL

Wowza Video generates an HLS playback URL for every live stream. JW Player can use this URL to play your stream.

  1. In Wowza Video, click Live Streams on the menu bar and select the stream you want to broadcast on the Live Streams page.
  2. On the Overview or Playback tab of the live stream detail page, find the HLS playback URL.
  3. Make note of the HLS URL or keep the Wowza Video Live Stream Details page open so that you can refer to it.

2. Add the URL to your JW Player library

To use either the cloud-hosted or self-hosted JW Player to play your Wowza Video live stream, you must add your Wowza Video HLS playback URL to your JW Player content library.

  1. In a browser, sign in to your JW Player account.
  2. In the Manage section on the left side of the dashboard, click Videos.
  3. On the content list page, click Add Video URL.
  4. Enter or paste the Wowza Video HLS playback URL that you identified in the previous task.
  5. Click Add URLs.

Adding the URL to the library doesn't ingest the video into the JW Player storage system. It just provides a reference to the stream.

3. Embed and publish the video

After providing JW Player a reference to the Wowza Video HLS playback URL, you can embed and publish the stream.

JW Player offers multiple ways to put its player on a webpage. For information on the various options, including instructions and example embed code, see the JW Player FAQ Embedding with JW Player.

Note: When using token authorization to play Wowza Video streams in JW Player, you must include the withCredentials configuration property in your player embed code and set its value to true. See the JW Player Configuration Reference for more information.

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