Get started with videos in Wowza Video

Create an online library of videos your audience can view on their own timeline through our video on demand (VOD) offering. You can upload videos which are automatically encoded to meet web video standards, add captions and chapter markers, define a custom poster image, set up advertising for monetization, and create playlists and publishing schedules.

Embed the videos in your website or app with our industry-leading video player to deliver the best possible quality using adaptive bitrate streaming for a great viewing experience to your audience; then review analytics that can help you understand and improve your viewership and content. Utilize a broad range of add-ons to further optimize the experience. We handle all of your CMS needs from start to finish.

The Video Details page reference article contains all of the configuration options and definitions available to configure your videos.

Video process

The basic steps to use VOD include:

1. Upload a video

2. Configure a player

Next, configure a player to use to play videos. 

3. Set up advertising (optional)

Optionally, configure advertising.

4. Embed the video

Next, embed the video on your website, share the video via link, or share a hosted page for your videos. Choose a player (configuration) to use with your videos. The player can have an ad schedule configured with it.

5. View analytics

Last, check the analytics of the video.