Tune Wowza Streaming Engine for WebRTC optimal performance

This article explains methods for tuning Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software for optimal performance with WebRTC.

Optimize Transcoder Memory Utilization (Linux Only)

When using Wowza Streaming Engine to perform transcoding, your memory utilization may get higher than expected. Under certain circumstances this can cause out of memory issues and may result in server crashes. The most common reason this occurs is multiple publish/unpublish of streams, for example, if you frequently publish/unpublish while streaming WebRTC.

To prevent memory over utilization, configure the M_ARENA_MAX parameter to limit the number of arenas allowed per CPU core. The parameter can be configured by adding the following entries to the end of the setenv.sh file found in [wowza-install-location]/bin/.



After you save your changes, restart Wowza Streaming Engine. Memory utilization should be normal.

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