Use the live playback URL for a VOD stream in Wowza Video Legacy

When you enable the VOD stream functionality, Wowza Video creates the VOD stream and provides a VOD-specific playback URL that you can share with your viewers. If you want your viewers to access the VOD stream using the same playback URL they used to view the original stream instead, enable the transcoder property, Enable live to VOD. Set this property before the stream begins.

  1. Under Advanced on the left navigation bar, and then click Transcoders.
  2. Select the transcoder. Transcoders created through the live stream workflow appear as [Live stream name] / Transcoder.
  3. Click the Properties tab and then click Edit.
  4. Select Enabled for Enable live to VOD and then specify the value as True.
  5. Click Save.

When the live stream ends, Wowza Video replaces the live playlist with the VOD playlist. Viewers can watch the VOD stream without modifying the URL the player used for the live stream.

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