User & org info page in Wowza Video

This article introduces the different parts of the User & Org Info page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface. 

To view the User & Org Info page, click your user profile in the upper left of any screen, then click User & Org Info under Organization

The following are the configuration options and definitions available to manage your user and org info:

  • User – Includes the contact information for your user account.
    • First Name – The first name of the account user.
    • Last Name  – The last name of the account user. 
    • Email Address – The email address of the account user.
  • Password – Resets the password for your user account. 
  • Legacy Experience 
    • Switch to legacy experience – Enable the toggle to be taken from the current Wowza Video UI to the Wowza Video Legacy UI. As we work to make all features in Wowza Video Legacy available in the new UI, mainly around live streaming, this access allows you to use all of the functionaliity you've always used. See the Switch between Wowza Video Legacy and the new Wowza Video user experience article for more information.
  • Organization
    • Organization Name – The name of the organization. You must be an org owner to update the Organization Name.