Wowza Streaming Engine StartupStreams.xml configuration reference

The Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server StartupStreams.xml configuration file located at [install-dir]/conf/StartupStreams.xml lists the streams to start when a virtual host (VHost) starts. For more information, see About Startup Streams.

Note: The StartupStreams.xml reference applies to the file as installed with the latest version of Wowza Streaming Engine. Some properties described may not apply to the file as installed with earlier versions of Wowza Streaming Engine.



XML reference


Stream that starts automatically when the server starts, or, more specifically, when a virtual host starts.

Application - Application name and instance name to use when starting the stream in the form [application]/[appInstance]. If [appInstance] is omitted, the default application name _definst_ is used.

StreamName - Name of the stream to start up. If needed, this value should include a stream name prefix.

MediaCasterType - MediaCaster type name used to start the stream.

Supported values:

  • rtp
  • rtp-record
  • shoutcast
  • shoutcast-record
  • liverepeater
  • applehls
  • mpegtstcp
  • srt