How to record incoming streams for debugging purposes (MPEG-TS/RTP)

Use the following procedure to record an MPEG-TS or RTP stream incoming to Wowza™ media server software. The recording can then be used for debugging purposes.

  1. Open [install-dir]/conf/[application-name]/Application.xml in a text editor and add the following property to the <RTP>/<Properties> container. (Be sure to get the correct <Properties> container, there are several in the file.)
    Note: If you already have an rtpDePacketizerWrapper property, be sure to replace it with this one.
  2. Start the Wowza media server and start to play the stream that you want to record. Let the stream play for 5-10 minutes, and then stop the media server.
One or more media files should be recorded to the [install-dir]/content folder in your Wowza media server installation and can be used for debugging purposes.
  • Although the file that's recorded has a .ts file name extension, it's not a TS file. Instead, it's a custom format that we developed for debugging purposes.
  • If you submit your recorded file to Wowza Support for analysis, be sure to include a copy of the appropriate .stream or .sdp file in use when you made the recording. If the incoming stream is RTP with audio and video, two files are recorded. We need both files along with the SDP file.

Originally Published: 02-25-2010.

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