How to use a server listener to load and lock an appinstance (LoadAndLockAppInstances)

Use the ServerListenerLoadAndLockAppInstances server listener for Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software when you need to have an application load and remain loaded until the Wowza Streaming Engine media server is shut down. The server listener can be configured to load multiple applications or application instances on the server.


For developers


Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.0 or later is required.


  1. Download
  2. Extract the contents from the downloaded (zipped) package, and then copy the lib/wse-plugin-loadandlockinstances.jar file from the package to the lib folder in your Wowza Streaming Engine installation ([install-dir]/lib).
  3. Restart Wowza Streaming Engine.


To enable the server listener, add the following server listener definition to your server. See Configure server listeners for details.

Base Class


After enabling the server listener, you can adjust the default settings by adding the following properties to your server. See Configure properties for details.

/Root/Server loadAndLockVHost String myVHost Name of Virtual Host on which to load the applications. This string is needed only if there are custom Virtual Hosts. (default: _defaultVHost_)
/Root/Server loadAndLockApplications String live1, live2, live3/myInstance Comma-separated list of applications and application instance names to load. If the default application instance (_definst_) is to be loaded, then you can use the application name without the application instance name. For example, the value live1, live2, live3/myInstance loads the default application instance on the live1 and live2 applications and loads an application instance named myInstance on the live3 application. (default: live/_definst_)


Specify the applications and application instances that you want to load for each virtual host by leveraging the appropriate properties above.

For Developers

Source code is available on GitHub.

Wowza Media Systems™ provides developers with a platform to create streaming applications and solutions. See Wowza Developer Tools to learn more about our APIs and SDK.
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Originally Published: 10-03-2010.
Updated: 09-28-2016.

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