How to configure B-frame support when using Wowza Transcoder

In Wowza Streaming Engine™ software and Wowza Media Server™ software (version 3.5 and and later), Wowza Transcoder supports bi-directional frames (B-frames) when using the default transcoder implementation and the Main or High Profile. B-frame generation is turned off by default. To enable B-frames for a given <Encode> block, in your transcoder template, add the following parameter definition to the Video/Parameters container in the <Encode> block:

The Value property specifies the number of B-frames to generate between each P-frame. The number of B-frames generated is always one less than the specified value. So for example, a value of 2 instructs the Transcoder to generate a single B-frame between each P-frame, a value of 3 instructs the Transcoder to generate two B-frames between each P-frame, and so on. A value of 1 instructs the Transcoder to generate zero B-frames between each P-frame, which effectively disables the feature.
Note: B-frame support is only available when using the default encoder implementation and the Main Profile. It's not supported when using Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA NVENC, or NVIDIA CUDA accelerated encoding.

Originally Published: 11-08-2012.

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