Configure B-frame support with Wowza Transcoder

In Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software and Wowza Media Server™ software (version 3.5 and and later), Wowza Transcoder supports bi-directional frames (B-frames) when using the default transcoder implementation and the Main or High Profile. B-frame generation is turned off by default. To enable B-frames for a given <Encode> block, in your transcoder template, add the following parameter definition to the Video/Parameters container in the <Encode> block:

The Value property specifies the number of B-frames to generate between each P-frame. The number of B-frames generated is always one less than the specified value. So for example, a value of 2 instructs Wowza Transcoder to generate a single B-frame between each P-frame, a value of 3 instructs the Transcoder to generate two B-frames between each P-frame, and so on. A value of 1 instructs the Transcoder to generate zero B-frames between each P-frame, which effectively disables the feature.
Note: B-frame support is only available when using the default encoder implementation and the Main Profile. It's not supported when using Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA NVENC, or NVIDIA CUDA accelerated encoding.