Record a specific output rendition in Wowza Video Legacy

Learn how to use the UI to record a specific output rendition for a transcoder. This allows you to include a watermark if the transcoder has one enabled. It also allows you to determine the quality of the recording by selecting a particular output rendition.

Before you start

You should complete the following tasks:

  • Create a live stream or a transcoder with output renditions. You'll need the resulting output ID from the Outputs & Targets tab to record a specific output rendition. View our Connect to Wowza Video topics to learn how to create a live stream or transcoder for your encoder or IP camera.

Record a specific output rendition

Configure the transcoder to record a specific output rendition by setting the record transcoder output property to a specific output ID. 

  1. Under Advanced on the left navigation bar, click Transcoders, and then select the transcoder associated with your stream.
  2. On the transcoder detail page, click the Outputs & Targets tab, and determine which output rendition you want to record.
    Note: Recording the passthrough output rendition will record the incoming source stream.
  3. Copy the ID of the output you want to record to your clipboard.

  4. Click the Properties tab and click Edit.
  5. Enable the Record Specific Output property, and paste the output ID into the Value field.
  6. Click Save.
  • If you ingest onTextData or CEA-608 closed captions, they'll be included in the recording.
  • To help ensure that you get the best recording of your streamed event, follow the guidelines in Encoding best practices for Wowza Video. If possible, it's also a good idea to record directly at the source as a backup.

Next steps