Broadcast to Wowza Video using Wowza ClearCaster

You can broadcast using a Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance and the Wowza Video™ service. You'll create a live stream in Wowza Video using a stream source to automatically start the live stream, then a General Single Target broadcast in ClearCaster that you configure with the live stream's RTMP server URL.

Create a Wowza Video live stream

To create a live stream in Wowza Video:

  1. In Wowza Video, select Add Live Stream.
  2. Complete the steps in the live stream wizard, making sure to select the following on the second page:
    • RTMP as the camera or encoder
    • Push Stream
    • Push to a stream source - This starts the live stream automatically when your camera or encoder connects to the stream source, so you don't have to log into Wowza Video and manually start the live stream.
  3. (Optional) You can choose to customize the default player or create hosted page as you'd like.

After the live stream is created, Wowza Video displays an Overview page that lists the Primary Server, Host Port and Stream Name. You'll need this information for the next step to configure your ClearCaster broadcast.

Create a broadcast in Wowza ClearCaster Manager

To create an RTMP broadcast in Wowza ClearCaster:

  1. In Wowza ClearCaster Manager, click on Broadcasts in the menu bar, and then click Create Broadcast.
  2. Set up a broadcast for your ClearCaster appliance.
    1. Specify a Broadcast Name and a ClearCaster appliance.
    2. For Destination, select General Single Target.
    3. For Encoding Template, select a template appropriate for your stream type.
    4. For Server URL, enter the live stream's Primary Server and Host Port from Wowza Video. You'll need to manually combine them so the host port is part of the URL.
      Primary Server: rtmp://
      Host Port: 1935
      Value for Wowza ClearCaster's Server URL field: rtmp://

    5. For Stream Name/Key, enter the live stream's Stream Name.
    6. Configure other settings according to your needs, and click Create Broadcast.
  3. For detailed instructions on setting up a broadcast, see Create and manage Wowza ClearCaster broadcasts.

Go Live with your ClearCaster broadcast to Wowza Video

To publish a broadcast, find it in the list of broadcasts on the Broadcast page and click Go Live.

When the broadcast goes live from the ClearCaster appliance, the stream in Wowza Video starts automatically.

Stop your ClearCaster broadcast to Wowza Video

To end a live broadcast, find it in the list of broadcasts on the Broadcast page and click Stop Broadcast.

The broadcast stops publishing to Wowza Video and the stream in Wowza Video stops automatically. The broadcast remains visible on the Broadcast page for future use.

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