Low-Latency Streaming Technologies: The Key to Interactive Video

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Passive media consumption is a thing of the past. The battle for eyeballs has transformed into a battle for participants. And by letting end users engage on their own terms, content distributors are driving innovation across every industry.

Cue in interactive streaming. Today’s broadcasters are combining low-latency video delivery with two-way capabilities to build unique streaming experiences that let viewers directly influence content in real time.

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So, what exactly falls in the realm of interactive streaming experiences? Anything and everything.

In the consumer world, there’s digital fitness and live commerce. But interactivity isn’t just for fun and games. Bidirectional video-enabled devices now play a role in industries ranging from healthcare (think robotic-assisted surgery) to emergency response (think search-and-rescue drones).

And the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend. For one, we’re stuck at home, consuming more video than ever before. A recent study shows that daily content consumption has doubled across every digital channel in 2020. What’s more, there’s now a fundamental need for technologies that replicate in-person interactions. Business continuity, public safety, and day-to-day activities all now depend on live streaming.

This report takes a look at interactive video in its many forms and the magic behind it: low-latency streaming. But to start, let’s define the concept and explore where it’s gaining traction. Download the guide today.

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