My Account page in Wowza Video Legacy

This article introduces the different parts of the My Account page to use with Wowza Video.

The My Account page is located in the Wowza Portal

My Account page

This page includes several tabs that you can navigate through in order to manage your account. 

You must be the account owner to view the Payment Options, Orders, and StreamLock tabs. The Downloads and StreamLock tabs are only for use with Wowza Streaming Engine.

Info tab

  • Account Number – The account number associated with your Wowza Video account. 
  • Account Email – The email associated with your Wowza Video account. This field is editable. 
    If you want to change the email address stored for billing purposes, contact
  • Organization – The company associated with your Wowza Video account. This field is editable if you're the org owner. If you're a member of multiple organizations, you can also switch between those orgs.
  • Contact Information – The first and last name associated with your Wowza Video account. These fields are editable. Click the edit link above above the account number or email.
  • Password – A link to request a password reset.

Support tab

  • Contact Technical Support – Support options that vary based on your support plan.
  • View Your Support Tickets – A list of support tickets associated with your email address that provides: the ticket ID, the content of your request, the time the last update to the ticket was made, the time the ticket was created, and the current status of the ticket.
  • Manage Support Users – An area to edit support users for your account. Maintenance and support are included with active Wowza license(s) and/or subscription(s). You and your support users may open a support ticket for your Wowza products or download software updates for Wowza Streaming Engine.
    • Add a new support user – To add new support users, click Add, enter a user's name and email address, then click Save. The new support user will receive a welcome email with login instructions at the email address you provide.
    • Remove a support user – To remove an existing user, click Remove next tot their name.

Products tab

This tab provides an overview of all subscriptions, trials, and hardware devices that are associated with your account and allows you to start free Wowza product trials.

If you're an org owner, you can self-provision a trial. Click Start free trial, to start your trial. You can access:

  • A Wowza Video free trial if you don't have an active, unexpired Wowza Video trial, Wowza Video paid subscription, or Wowza Streaming Cloud subscription.
  • A Wowza Streaming Engine free trial if you don't have an active, unexpired Engine trial. 

Wowza Video tab

  • Manage Wowza Video – A link to the Wowza Video web manager.
  • Invoices – A link to the Invoices tab.
  • Manage Wowza Video Workgroup – An area to edit work group information. Every subscription for the Wowza Video™ service has one owner and one workgroup. The owner manages the subscription. The workgroup can contain multiple users, also called members, who can access the service. All users—owners and members—can belong to multiple workgroups as part of different subscriptions.
    • Add a new member to a workgroup – To add new members to a workgroup, click Add, enter the member's name, email address, and role, then click Save. The new workgroup member will receive a welcome email with login instructions at the email address you provide.
    • Remove a member from a workgroup – To remove an existing member, click Remove next to their name. This will prevent the member from accessing the Wowza Video workgroup
  • My Wowza Video Workgroups – An area that displays the details of your workgroup.

Downloads tab

This tab allows you to download the latest releases of any software you have purchased for your account.