Categories page in Wowza Video

This article introduces the different parts of the Categories page to help you find your way around the Wowza Video user interface. 

Create categories and subcategories for videos within your organization. For example, create a comedy category with slapstick, standup, and dry humor subcategories your viewers can choose from. Once created, use them to add as metadata to videos or create dynamic playlists where you can include videos by category along with their subcategories. Additionally, search within Wowza Video by category for a more targeted video search.

To view the Categories page, click your user profile in the upper left of any screen, then click Categories under Organization

The following contains all of the configuration options and definitions available to create and manage your organization's video categories:

  • Create New Category – Creates a category to assign to videos.
    • Name – The name of the category. 
    • Description (optional) – The description of the category.

Click a category to view its details and make edits.

  • ID – The id of the category.
  • Name – The name of the category.
  • Description (optional) – A description of the category.
  • Use as Default – When checked, makes the category the default category that displays in Category fields.
  • Videos  –  The number of videos assigned to the category.
  • Live Streams –  The number of live streams assigned to the category.

If you click a category in the tree, you can create a subcategory for the category. 

  • Create New Subcategory – Creates a subcategory under a category.
    • Name – The name for the category. 
    • Description (optional) – The description of the category.

To learn how to add a category, review the Add a Category article.