Overview of playlists in Wowza Video

Playlists are a way to combine several videos into one player. Playlists group videos into a list that plays in sequence. 

You can do things like include a back and forward button on your player to go back and forth between videos in a playlist. Alternatively, you can add a visual element under the player controls with title and descriptions of each video so you can directly select a specific title and jump back and forth between videos. 

Check out our playlist example.

Typical use cases for playlists include a series of training videos that are recorded as single videos and then ordered as a playlist, or, TV episodes where you combine a whole seasons' episodes for binge-watching.

You can create:

  • Manual playlists where you add and arrange the videos exactly as you want them.
  • Dynamic playlists where the videos in the list, and their order, are updated automatically and continuously based on a set of rules you specify.

With a dynamic playlist, new videos can be introduced into the playlist based on its set of rules. For example, using filter criteria, you could create a top-10 news stories playlist and embed it once in your website. The content will update whenever a new video is added that matches the criteria. An example is if you set the filter to show the 10 most current videos, a Filter by Category Default, and to only include videos tagged as Sports, the oldest (no. 10) video in the list is removed and the other nine are shifted down in the queue, then, the newest sports video displays as the first video in the sequence. 

The Playlist Details page reference article contains all of the configuration options and definitions available to configure your playlist.

View playlists

Click Playlists in the navigation to open the Playlists list. You will see a list of your playlists. You can search for a playlist by name.