Create ad schedules for advertising in Wowza Video

Once you create one or more ad tags, you must include them in an ad schedule in Wowza Video. Ad schedules allow you to add multiple timed ads to a player configuration which then apply to all video clips shown with the player. You can create as many ad schedules as you wish (and as many player configurations as you wish). This makes configuring different advertising setups easy and flexible without the need to write code. If you'd like to define ads using programming, review our advanced advertising.

To create an ad schedule:

  1. Select Ad Schedules from the navigation, then select + New schedule.
  2. Assign a descriptive name to the schedule like standard preroll, skippable preroll + overlay midroll, or pre, mid, and post-roll. The name should describe the schedule.
  3. Select either + Add Pre-Roll Ad, + Add Mid-Roll Ad, or + Add Post-Roll Ad depending on when you want the ads to run. 
  4. From the dropdown, select the ad tag you intend to use, define the Type, if two options are available, and Position, if available, then click Create Ad Schedule.
  5. Repeat Steps 3-4 as needed.

Note: Pre-roll is available to work with live streams. You can also add text/image overlays midroll. All ad schedule options work with videos (VOD).

If you choose the midroll position, you can define the relative time when the ad will display. This will typically be a text/image overlay tag if it is a non-linear ad and a mid-roll if it is a linear ad. You can also, especially for longer feature videos, add multiple mid-rolls. For example, you could add videos for 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80%. 

You can remove an unwanted tag from the schedule at any time, or, in the case of mid-rolls, edit the type and and position.

The new ad schedule will appear in your list of ad schedules. Next, attach the schedule to a player and save it. This ensures that ads display any time a video or live stream displays in this player.