Video Streaming for Education

Educational institutions trust Wowza® Media Systems: 85% of the top 25 U.S. universities and 88% of the top 25 universities worldwide* choose Wowza as their streaming video solution.

The cost-effective, professional-grade streaming technology Wowza enables schools to stream smooth live or on-demand video in multiple formats to any screen anywhere. That's why Wowza technology is used to stream lectures, scientific experiments, sports, special events, graduation ceremonies, and more.

PDF download: University of Maine case study
PDF download: Southeastern University case study
See how the University of Maine built a learning content management system powered by Wowza streaming video software.

To discover more about how streaming video can transform curricula, download the Power of Video in Education case study.


The Wowza server software and cloud streaming service are tailor-made to deliver cost-effective online learning programs and dynamic events such as concerts and commencements to today’s distributed, digitally connected student body.

  • Wowza Streaming Engine software can be deployed on premises or in the cloud; it is the premier choice among educational institutions because of the level of control it offers.
  • Wowza Streaming Cloud is a great solution for schools just getting started with streaming. It scales up and down easily as live-stream size and frequency change. Pay-as-you-go pricing means no long-term commitment is required.

  1. Customized Streaming for the Virtual Classroom

    Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud enhance the current learning environment. Because Wowza technologies are software based, configuring a tailor-made distance learning, virtual classroom, multi-school collaboration, or broad-scale massive open online course (MOOC) user experience is fully customizable. Whether the video content is live or on demand, students, faculty, alumni, and supporters can engage from wherever they are.

  2. Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Platform-agnostic, multi-format, and multi-screen, the Wowza transcoding feature takes in any video format, transcodes it once, and reliably delivers it across a wide array of network conditions and devices to optimize the end-user experience.

  3. Unbeatable Economics

    Wowza technology works with what you have. It integrates with existing hardware and software workflows and eliminates the need to invest in expensive infrastructure or resources. Plus, qualified educational institutions receive a 25% discount on Wowza Streaming Engine.

  4. Not Just for Classrooms: Stream Commencements, Sports, and More

    College isn't just about classes, and neither is streaming with Wowza. Live streaming video and video on demand let students, parents, and alumni experience concerts, recitals, graduation ceremonies, and that big game from wherever they are—across campus or across the world.

  5. Lecture Capture for Improved Student Achievement

    Increase engagement and retention by webcasting live lectures that students can play, pause, rewind, and resume. Wowza nDVR (network digital video recorder)—formerly a Premium AddOn—is now a built-in feature of Wowza Streaming Engine.

    Watch the webinar recording Video in Higher Education: A Look into SUNY's Online Video Platform Strategy.

  6. On-Premises Deployment

    Using Wowza Streaming Engine server software allows you to keep your entire streaming workflow on premises to comply with academic regulations. You retain control of the streaming infrastructure, from top to bottom.

  7. Scalable and Extensible Online Classrooms

    Wowza Streaming Engine media server technology allows you to scale your internal server infrastructure to meet increased demand or use our broad network of partner service providers to achieve the streaming capacity you need.

    You can also use our rich set of APIs to create value-added applications and/or integrate with back-end systems. For example, you can enable collaboration between students and teachers with chat and other interactive applications.

  8. Integration with Your LMS and Other Partners

    Wowza technology integrates with existing hardware and software workflows such as learning management systems (LMS), security, video on demand, asset management, and user-collaboration tools. It is also compatible with many lecture-capture products and content-management systems to help you enrich and manage your school’s content.

    * As reported by US News and World Report, 2014.

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