Real-Time Video With WebRTC: The Next Generation of Live Streaming

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The need for lightning-fast video delivery has never been greater. Interactive video experiences have become the next big thing in industries as distinct as healthcare, manufacturing, and online gambling. There are numerous streaming protocols out there designed for low latency, but nothing compares to the speed and flexibility of WebRTC.  

What is WebRTC? How can you use it? To answer all your questions, we’ve put together a new guide: Real-Time Video With WebRTC: The Next Generation of Live Streaming.  

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  • The benefits of WebRTC and what makes it unique.  
  • An in-depth look into how WebRTC works and what various workflows can look like.  
  • Examples of how organizations in every sector are leveraging this technology.
  • WebRTC’s limitations — and how to compensate for them. 

If you’re trying to create interactive streams or any other kind of broadcast that depends on sub-second latency, WebRTC is the glass-to-glass solution you’re looking for. Check out the most comprehensive guide on WebRTC video streaming to date.


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