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Sydney works for Wowza as a content writer and Marketing Communications Specialist, leveraging roughly a decade of experience in copywriting, technical writing, and content development. When observed in the wild, she can be found gaming, reading, hiking, parenting, overspending at the Renaissance Festival, and leaving coffee cups around the house.

VOD Use Cases for Sports Entertainment

November 16, 2023

Some 12 years ago, I found myself lined up field-side at the New England Patriots training camp to watch players practice, run drills, and sign autographs. Not being a die-hard football fan, it took me…

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VOD Streaming: How It Works (Update)

November 10, 2023

When most people think of video streaming, they envision popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and DisneyPlus. These video-on-demand or VOD streaming services act as content platforms from which users can view pre-recorded videos at their…

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SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand): What It Is and Why You Need It

November 1, 2023

2007 was a big year in media: the Sopranos ended on a now infamous note, the first iPhone was released, and Netflix started the first subscription movie streaming service. It’s hard to imagine that less…

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Video-on-Demand (VOD) Monetization: Make the Most of Your Content

October 23, 2023

Whether you’re striving to be the next Disney+ or you’re just looking for additional revenue streams for your business, video-on-demand (VOD) streaming could be the ticket. It allows you to warehouse custom and/or licensed video…

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13 Ways to Grow Your B2B Live Stream Audience

September 6, 2023

It’s open mic at a hot comedy spot in your city, and you’re gearing up to perform. But little beads of doubt are forming in the back of your mind.  Go on, what are you…

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Best Video CDN Services for Live Streaming (Update)

August 16, 2023

It should come as no surprise at this point that live streaming has become a crucial component for many businesses, whether they use it simply for marketing and events or whether it is a core…

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5 Ways a Video CDN can Save You Money

July 26, 2023

In the digital era, speed and efficiency are paramount. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have emerged as a vital tool to ensure that websites and apps deliver their content quickly and reliably to users worldwide. However,…

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SPORT TV APP: How Magycal Leveraged Wowza and EZDRM to Build an Award-Winning Platform

June 20, 2023

  Learn how the spirit of customer-centric innovation led to an award winning collaboration and one of Portugal’s highest performing sports apps.   Each year, the SportsPro OTT Summit Awards recognizes the best in sports broadcasting. At the 2022…

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Supercharge Your Video Stream With These CDN Benefits

June 15, 2023

Video content creators are always on the lookout for ways to improve their viewers’ experience. While this can and should take the form of more interesting and engaging content, there’s more to improving playback experiences…

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5 CDN Security Features for Your Live Stream 

June 9, 2023

The rapid growth of the live-streaming industry in recent years highlights the importance of fast, reliable, and smooth user experiences. Whether streams are live, linear, or OTT, a single streaming server often falls short of meeting performance needs,…

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How Do Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Work?

May 23, 2023

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have become increasingly important in our digital world, ensuring the fast and efficient distribution of content across the internet. As the demand for streaming media, e-commerce, and cloud applications continues to…

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Online Video Trends 2023: What They Are and How They Benefit You (Update)

May 19, 2023

  Today’s typical consumer doesn’t like to feel sold to, but that’s not to say they won’t appreciate your brand and what it has to offer. They want brands with personality, brands that produce substantive…

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