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Audio Sync and buffering live stream

Hey guys, I am running a live stream with wms2.0 on linux box.

The encoder I am using is Quicktime broadcaster.

The flash player I am using is latest Flowplayer and using the rtmp plugin for the stream.

I have been noticing about .5 - 1sec audio sync delay. Also it tends to buffer a little to much for some users. I followed the first step on here: and everything is set the same but I am still having the issue. Also the quality is not as good as I wish it to be. Would this be any issues with flow player side?

Do I need to provide anything in the rtmp declarations ?

What is the bitrate set for? Have you tried setting it lower?


What is the encoder and settings?

Did you try step one of this post?

If you are using FMLE with the MainConcept plugin, there is an unresolved issue at this time.


Did anyone figure this out? We are having the same issue. Linux box running wowza 2.0 with about a 1 second lag in audio. We are using jw player to view the stream. Thanks.

Hi all,

same issue using Viewcast GoStream encoder :

Flash H264 + AAC

video 250kb/s audio 32kb/s

Player : Wowza Flash test player

Server : Wowza for EC2

Already tested sortBuffer solution : same delay.

If audio mp3 instead of AAC : Less or no delay

Any help appreciated.