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command to capture stream H.264 encoded in Axis using VLC

Hi All,

This is my first post, I tried to do a test of performance of an AXIS P3301 IP camera using 4 streams. And to analyze the effect of a mjpeg stream in the others H.264 streams.

I use VLC to launch simultanously 4 differents streams ("3x H.264 encoded with vlc, 1x MJPEG encoded with VLC) . The H.264 streams are set to 25fps and the MJPEG is set to 5 fps by a command.

So I have 3 vlc launched with this command for the network url:

and 1 Vlc launched with this command for the network url:

The first question I have is : is there a command that force to use H.264 stream directly in the Axis camera ?

I tried this :

but this command fails.

In the other side, I dont know if I really do by the good way what I expect. Because I save the 4 streams to .avi format in my computer, I store +/- 5 minutes of video:





after that I opened these videos to verify that there are good and checked the fps from all and there are still correct.

And so my second question is:

Like I asked streams on this camera and I check that all the streams have keep their correct fps. It seems doubt with 4 streams, because I expected a little decraesing of fps isn’it it ? Seems like the fps of videos are not really correct, how check the fps correctly ?

The tools I used is VirtualDub and Video Inspector to ensure the number of frame per second of the saved files.

Can you help me please?

Thank you

I use rtsp url with Axis m1011, looks something like this:

rtsp://username: password@camera_ip:554/axis-media/media.amp?videocodec=h264&streamprofile=low

You can re-stream this type url from Wowza Server following this guide:


Also, you can get FPS using GSpot:


You can setup profiles in the Axis UI:

  • Setup > Video & Audio > Stream Profiles

    If your camera supports h.264, which I think it does, you don’t need VLC.


I’m sorry but I don’t know how to set FPS for axis stream in that way. In the UI, FPS is a labeled “Maximum framerate”, which you can limit or not. So I don’t think this is an exact setting.

You should also look at the “gov” setting, which is the keyframe interval.


Search for “mjpeg player”, and you will get a lot of options. mjpeg is not supported by Flash or other players that Wowza supports, as far as I know.


Thank you Richard,

For first question:

I tried with this : rtsp://adm:adm@

and that works perfectly :slight_smile: Thank you.

but I need to set fps to 25 which command must I do ? is this

command necessary : “…&streamprofile=low” ?

for the second question:

Concerning the read of the fps with Gspot I can’t read the .avi files but when I open the .avi file it only displays informations and I have for fps : 24.743 but unfortunatly in codec info I see MJPG ?? Did VLC not converted the stream to H264 ? Meaning that only the source stream is keeping and only axis command are usefull and no need to transcode with VLC isn’it it ?

Thank you


You are right but I have only one source of camera and I do not configure the camera via the browser but only by axis request command ( e.g: “”) because from the same source I need to have 3 H264 streams and 1 MJPEG stream.

But for the moment I need to use VLC because I must save the 4 differents streams simultaneously in my computer and check if the streams are still good.

But the tools like Gspot, VideoInspector give me the correct fps for each saved avi files but the problem is that I need to verify it, so what I do for the moment is to put a digital clock just fornt of the camera and try to play the files frame per frame to ensure that for example at the 25th frame, the second of the digital clock will change. But for checking this, the VLC can’t read file frame per frame so I try with VirtualDub but it is unfortunatly not good too, with Media player classique it can’t too because of codec . But I have already installed K-lite codec after that Satsuki decoder pack but I don’t find a video player that can both read the file with the appropriate codec and

display frame per frame the video.

Could you help me please ?

Thank you.


Yes I think i twas a problem of codec by installing bsplayer which one install appropriate codecs and after that by installing ffdshow_beta1 codec I can read the H264 avi files with VirtualdubMOD but this software gives codec error when I try to open with a MJPEG avi file.

So for the MJPEG avi file I use the simple Virtualdub software, it works without crash but it cannont display ani images , I have only frame informations when playing file. Is there some usefull software that can run well a MJPEG avi file ?

thank you