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Date and time of the RTSP live stream frame

Hi all,

I record, on demand a RTSP live stream from an Axis Camera. When I get the command, I want to know the date and time of the last frame that was read from the RTSP stream.

Actually, I use the system time, but it is not precise enough.

Is it possible to get this information from the IMediaStream or the RTPSession or to compute it?


You can get time down to the nano second using System.nanoTime() (or something like that).


I’m not sure if it will help with this, but take a look at this post and the methods for inspecting packets:


I Charlie,

I must describe a little bit what I want to do.

Based on the this thread, I split record in small chunk. The recorded stream come from a RTSP of a video camera.

When I split the file, I search in the frame list for the video key frame(s) to be written on the disk. I want to know the time of the frame(s). If it is possible the timestamp of the image. I need this information to maintain metadata of the record files.

Thanks you for your support.